Studying in US can  be a costly affair, but still students prefer US for the quality of education US offers which no other colleges and Universities in the world can match.

The total per year expense includes fees, books, and lodging , which will be around $15,000 to $40,000 (Rs.7.5 to 20 lakhs) depending upon the universities. Most of the students enter US with just enough money for studies. Rest they can earn through part time.


Public University

Tuition and other fees – $22,958

Room and board – $9,804

Total (per year) – $32,762

Private University

Tuition and other fees – $31,231

Room and board – $11,188

Total (per year) – $42,419


Cost of living plays an important role while calculating the total cost of study in USA. The average per year expenditure for a student can be maximum 6000$ a year. The expense may vary depending on the place where the student resides. Metropolitan cities like Newyork, Manhattan etc can cost around $500 to $600 per month while in rural areas the cost can be around $ 300- $400. This expense may include, rent, groceries, utilities, phone, travel, drug store and other sundry expenses.


  • Books and study materials : This will cost $500 to $1000 approximately .
  • Travel costs : If you are a travel freak and like to visit new places within US it may cost you $300 to  $700 approximately.
  • Number of people staying with you :  Larger the number of people lesser will be your rent split up. It may sound absurd but it is the most economical way.
  • Eating out : If you are lazy to cook and a foodie too, well you may end up spending quite a lot on eating out.
  • Car : Car is another major factor. You may spend more on gas some times. Car may really take out a lot of your money without even you knowing it.
  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle and habits can bring un-necessary expenses. Some smoke and some drink .This may drastically increase your expenditure. Some like to buy good clothes, some like to go out for dancing, etc. The point is your lifestyle and habits can change your expenses a lot.
  • The expenses may also include:






(Cooked Food at Home)


Calling cards (Home)


Internet Home


Cell phone


Eating Outside


Movies, Shopping and other expenses





The fact is that if you want you can actually live with very less money. Everything depends on the way you spend.  You must be more disciplined and cook at home and lead a bit of stingy life.



International students are allowed to work part time inside the campus during the tenure of study. Taking up a part time job can a smart way to manage your expenses. An on- campus employment is the one where a student are allowed to work within the university campus. These may include working in the campus library, cafeteria, labs etc. A student with F1 visa can work up to 20 hours a week and can earn around $7 an hour. This will be enough for students to cover their regular expenses.

 Apart from these students with strong academics, skills, and score in competitive exams are awarded fee waivers or scholarships. It’s necessary to sent all the required documents to avail these benefits.



Insurance policies for international students are compulsory. The insurance cost will be $500-$1000 a year. It is better for students to take insurance from their home country but students must see to it that it cover major medical expenses.