• Plus and Minus – we analyze your profile and clarify what all are missing in it and tell you what makes your profile unique.
  • We also advice you tips to improve on your profile which can increase your chance on getting into the program of your choice.

So planning to do your MS in USA? Great! But wondering about your chances of getting through to university or program which you prefer? Don’t worry, Preston has the answers to your question


Short listing universities can be one hell of a time. The more you search the more you may get confused. It is really difficult to bring down the list to 5 to 6 from going through over hundreds of university websites and programs. So relax. Preston is always ready to help you. If you are tired of searching, let us list down and help you apply for the University of your Choice. Sometimes in a confused state the chances are high that you may end up applying to the wrong Universities. We as a Global Education Consultancy in Chennai know that there are pros and cons to every university. We conduct a thorough research on each university like whether it has an updated syllabus, whether it has qualified and knowledgeable staff, or whether it is within your economy, whether it offers career placements etc.  We really understand the role of the institution you choose in your life. We ensure that the lists we provide are the best for you and your future life. And at the end of the day we truly respect your decision and the final word is always yours.


We very well understand that applying for higher studies is not Childs play. It requires lot of determination and perseverance to do graduate studies .Universities scrutinizes your profile from inch to inch. A single word or miscommunication can affect your dream. Universities may be keen to know


  • Why you have chosen that particular university
  • Why you are interested in that particular course?
  • Whether you are experienced in the field?
  • What are your future plans after studies?

Admission committees consider candidates who have well defined and clear cut motives .But with our experience of dealing with hundreds of students we very well know what is expected of your SOP. We make sure that your SOP is unique and vibrant. We will make sure that the admission department will feel that you are the right candidate and someone worth giving admission to once the go through your SOP. So give us a chance to present you at your best and help us to make your content interesting and engaging.


Another factor that may determine your future is the letter of recommendation. Writing a genuine LOR can be a daunting task. US universities give high preference to recommendation when considering your application. We are always ready to write the recommendation letters that will help you get into your Dream University and program. Striking the right balance is very important while writing an LOR or else it will have a negative effect. The tone of the letter is also very important, it must sound professional and at the same time must me clear and readable.. We are ready to help your professors and employers to write the LOR based on their experience with you as well as the requirement. Your professor as well as employer may have lot to talk about your skills, academic and work performance but they may not know how to put it into right words. We very well understand their situation, so we are ready to lend a helping hand by writing the LOR based on their valuable inputs. We definitely know that you deserve a career which you love and we will put every effort to make it come true.


Choosing the right program is also equally important as well as confusing as choosing the right university. Or rather they are interrelated. There are hundreds of universities which offer thousands of programs. It can make you worried and disappointed. If not chosen carefully you may ruin your dream. We at Preston evaluate your profile and see that you choose the course tailor made for you. We as a Foreign Education Consultant in Chennai are well aware of the new developments taking place and we keep our data base updated the moment a new program is introduced in a particular university. We check and double check before suggesting you a program. We are equally concerned about you and we see to it that the program we select matches your financial and educational requirements. And also we make sure that your decision is final. So if you are still perplexed as of what program to choose, remember Preston.


After choosing the right universities and programs another headache for a student will be filing in the application. Most of the students turn nervous when it comes to filling in and sending the application on time to various universities. The application form also differs from one program to another. With our experienced staff this task can be made easy like a cake walk. We will see that we have all the documents like transcripts, bank documents, SOP, LOR, resume etc ready before filing the application. We will also make sure that your application reaches the university on time and is perfect.


The biggest hurdle in the entire process of studying abroad is getting your VISA. Satisfying the US University to give you an admit letter is not enough you will have to convince the US consulate to give you a student VISA which is bit of a tough game to play. After a much difficult VISA application process next difficult task can be attending the VISA interview. The interview can be quite intimidating as you will have to speak in language which is not your mother tongue. The students will have to ensure that they have all the required documents but must also keep themselves ready with answers that the officers may ask. They can be quite tricky and confusing. It is all about how well you present yourself and how clearly you answer the questions which can be personal. As a Global Education Consultancy in Chennai we have the experience of sending hundreds of students to US and well versed with the application as well the interview process. We have a set of questions prepared which is generally asked and we will also train to how to answer them confidentially. We will provide you with mock interview sessions and then what consider that your VISA is done.


Another major bridge a student will have to cross after a successful VISA interview will be proper accommodation and travel arrangements. Tickets cost can burn your fingers if not planned. Getting an accommodation which is cheap, comfortable and near to the university can also be an issue of concern. At Preston, the best Foreign Education Consultant in Chennai we make sure that you get the best and the cheapest flight tickets available. We will also help you find accommodation which suits your financial and proximity requirements.


Worried how to finance your education abroad? Concerned how you will manage your expenses abroad? Doesn’t worry, we at Preston will help you get education loans to finance your studies? Studying abroad can be very costly affair. Covering just your fess may not be enough; you will have to pay your living expenses aswell. Planning your finances is equally important like planning your program and country if study. Even students are well off may require financial assistance. Students will have to show the financial documents which guarantees the university and government that he has enough balance in his account which can cover his/her expenses until the final year. Scholarship options can be highly competitive and most banks are willing to provide loans to students. Bank has certain terms and conditions while applying for loan and students will be charged set scheme of interest. We can help you acquire all the documents in fetching bank loan and also can give you financial counseling as of which bank is apt for your financial status and educational requirements.

Your profiles are scanned thoroughly at Preston and nothing escapes our eyes. We weigh your chances of getting into the Universities of your choice. Your aspirations and goals are noted down by us and we see to it that you get admissions to the universities and programs of your choice. We select and short list the universities that suit you based on your competitive exam scores, academic performance, volunteering services, work experience, extracurricular activities, SOP, LOR, resume etc. Our profile evaluation technique is highly sophisticated that we make sure the list of universities that we give is precise to your needs and requirements. Through our years of experience we know what makes a student’s profile exemplary and what pulls it down.