US Is a hub for n number of programs and universities. The courses offered are up to date and matches the current trend. No other country offers such variety of programs. The facilities and comfort an international student enjoys in US is something that no other country in the world can offer.  Preston helps you get admission to all the courses and programs of your choice. Though there are thousands of programs these are the list of programs students generally consider for higher studies or rather programs which are high in demand.

MS in Computer Science

Technology is changing every day and the field where maximum changes take place is computer science. So computer science engineers are always on demand as they can find solutions to problems arising out of technology and computers. And the reason why students still consider US first when thinking about higher studies option is of course the specializations available in US universities.US is of course the Mecca when it comes to technology.  Information Systems, Health Informatics, Web and Multimedia Design, Systems Engineering, Instructional Design and Technology, Cyber security, Computer Management and more are the major specialization offered at universities in various states across US.



MS in Data Science

Data science is one of the rapidly growing industries of the world. Companies are in search of knowledgeable data science engineers who can dig up large quantities of data to collect powerful business intelligence. One may wonder as of how exit polls predict election results or how health organizations are able to tell beforehand the outbreak of a disease in order to control its spreading. This is what data mining is all about and also it helps organizations to utilize these same data mining and predictive analyses to optimize organizational processes. This is exactly what US universities guarantee and prepare you for. This again makes US the most preferred country when it comes to doing MS in Data Science.



MS in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering MS is another program on high demand. The program is designed in such a way that one can gain experience in systems modeling, analysis, and applications common in industrial engineering and operations analysis. Industrial Engineering program helps you to find similarities in concepts, laws, and models across various disciplines. It also gives students to work in multiple disciplines like mechanical engineering, manufacturing, construction, operations management etc.So an industrial engineer is free to model, improve or even control the activities of an enterprise. They can also contribute to decision making and can develop business cases for organizational and technological projects.



MS in Information systems

The rapid growth and change in technology requires new generation of vibrant, skilled and tech savvy people who can predict the changes required to make their companies better. Universities in US thus meet this need by integrating technology professionals with business expertise, so that they can manage and design information systems. MS in Information Systems program helps in

  • Better decision making purpose
  • Managing complex business structures
  • Identifying new technologies which has high demand in the market

So an MS in information systems train students the basic concepts of computing and business which is interrelated and helps them in molding better careers where they can be managers with technical skills.


MS IN Electrical Engineering

Another program which has high demand in US is MS in electrical engineering. This is the field of engineering which focuses on various facets and application of electricity. It also deals with electric-related issues like electric power engineering, electronics, power electronics etc. Microelectronics, telecommunication engineering, signal processing, control engineering, embedded systems, VLSI and robotics are some of the subfields in electrical engineering. The discipline caters to the problems of large scale nature like large scale (electric-power engineering) or small scale (nanoelectronics). This imparts knowledge about production, distribution, transmission and application of electricity. Students have wide job options starting from manufacturing of electronic components to electrical power systems or even tele communication engineers.


Apart from these, there are other courses you can apply for in US 

  • VLSI
  • MBA