At Preston we try our best to make all the process associated to studying in US an easy one. We have a well defined set of steps and rules. Your priorities are given utmost importance and we try our best to make them come true. All the activities at Preston are time bound and professional. We plan well ahead and so that you have everything ready while applying to Universities as well as VISA. Here is what happens at Preston from the moment you walk-in.


The first step we start with is your profiling. We get to know about you, your goals, aspirations, your interest, your education qualification, extracurricular activities, internship and work experience.

We also give great value to your parent’s words, so we do listen to them in order to get a clear idea about your financial position and other requirements.

Competitive exam scores are another important factor for profiling, so we make sure that you prepare yourself for exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS so that we can include these scores in your profile in order to start our next step.


Here we list the programs that best suit you based on your educational qualification, competitive exam scores and economic condition. We list down the programs and its related fields, say if it is Computer science, we give options like networking or information technology, big data, cloud competing. Basically we do this to understand your interest and would like to get a clear yes or no from you, so that we can choose accordingly.


Here we create a possible list of universities which you may consider. This is not the final list but it will help to get an idea as of which all universities have the programs you want and where all you can apply or rather the universities where you are eligible to apply.


Based on the universities you have selected we discuss the curriculum offered by each University. The same program may have different subjects and the syllabus may change from one university to another.

For example for an MS in Computer science program one university may have more concentration in networking while another may concentrate on mathematics. So we make a clear analysis as of which program may suit your interests best.



Here we shortlist at least 7- 8 universities based on your interest and preferences.

We then classify them into three categories

Safe, Moderate, Ambitious.


In this step we list out the documents you may require to apply .You will require documents like your transcripts, LOR, SOP, Resume, Competitive exam scores, financial documents etc.


Financial documents

We help you prepare the financial documents .Generally the universities and the US government will like to know whether you have the financial capacity to pursue your studies there. Such cases we help you acquire the required documents and let you know how much money is needed and how to show it.

We also help you in acquiring a loan. NBFC’S like Credila, Avanse are ready to give you loan even before you receive your admit letter while government banks may not.



We help you with preparing LOR. Some universities may prefer online copies while others prefer physical copy. Depending on the university you will have to send at least 3 LOR. Some universities prefer professional LOR while others may prefer one or two professional and academic LOR. We evaluate your LOR and ensure that it is perfect and flawless.



This is another major criterion for your admission. So we try to make your SOP look good. We check whether your SOP is in accordance with the guidelines of each university. You may have to write within the world limit and also will have to include personal essays showcasing your extracurricular activities and achievements, as charted by the university, admissions department. This will be an added advantage.



Your resume is another deciding factor. Here you will have to mention your personal, academic and professional experiences. A resume is actually a reflection of you. We will see that your resume stands out and is unique.



Transcripts are nothing but the mark sheets. This includes your college or university mark sheets and certificates. Some universities may prefer original documents while applying while other may opt for scanned copies.  Generally these days things are digitalized but if a hard copy is required we will courier them on your behalf.



These scores are accepted from students belonging to non-English speaking countries. But now many universities accept students even without these scores. In such cases they may require a document stating that you are from an English medium background. We will help you get the required documents. Generally TOEFL is preferred in US but now many US universities have started accepting IELTS scores aswell.



GRE is preferred if you want to pursue MS in US universities



GMAT is required while applying for an MBA in US .

Now many universities admit you even without these scores. If it is mandatory we will send your scores to the required university departments.



This is the final hurdle to cross. However, in most cases, MBA interviews are by invitation only. Admissions committee will decide based on all the other submitted material (application, transcripts, test scores, essays, recommendations) whether they should give you the final opportunity to prove your mettle.

Apart from the questions related to your career and aspirations, you may also get behavioral questions.

So based on the requirement we fix the Skype interview for the student and your interview performance will decide your chance of admission. Usually top universities and ivy league colleges conduct consider interview mandatory for selection.



The fee may vary from one university to another. We make sure that you are ready with the fee required for each university along with other documents. Almost all U.S. institutions charge a non-refundable application fee anywhere between U.S.$ 50 and U.S.$ 250


Once the documents are ready applying may take only less than a day. The filled applications are sending via courier if required.  Universities prefer soft copies or digital copies now. But still there are universities which still insist on hard copy. In such case we will send the required documents via courier.

All our couriers are sent via DHL and we ensure that your courier reaches the respective departments on time. We also keep track of your courier at each stage.


Once the application has been sent it may take around 6 weeks for you to receive your i20 or admit letter.

Meanwhile we keep track of your application status and ensure that it reaches the department on time.


Most of the students depend on bank loans while planning to study abroad. Fetching bank loans can be sometimes difficult. We help you get your loan on time and also help you arrange for all the necessary documents required for applying loan.


This is the most important step in the entire application process. Once all the documents required for VISA is ready we apply and book a date for your VISA interview. After receiving the I-20, the SEVIS fee has to be paid at any designated branch.. The visa fee receipt is activated within 4hours. After that, the interview is to be booked online. Depending on the rush at the consular office, a student generally gets an interview date 2-3 weeks later. .


As soon as we get the VISA interview date we train you for mock interview sessions. With years of experience, we know the possible questions asked for the interview. We make sure that you appear confident at the interview and your VISA is through.


On your VISA success, we move on to the next and the final step. We see that you get the best and cheap rates on your flight. We book tickets for you and also see that your accommodation is ready by the time you are in US. We make sure that you have a comfortable and economical stay within the proximity of the campus.


Do you still feel confused and perplexed thinking about applying to US for higher studies?  We are sure you are not. At Preston we make sure that your end to end need is covered. Because we are here to make your dreams come true so that you can fly high. You just tell us your dreams and we will do the rest.